PREVIEW – The Bushwick Collective 5th Anniversary Gallery Show & Block Party 04/06/15 Brooklyn, NYC

The Bushwick Collective is celebrating five years of beautifying the Jefferson stop off the L train in Bushwick Brooklyn with blocks upon blocks of murals by the who’s who of the street art world. Over the years the roster has included Blek Le Rat, Tristan Eaton, Buff Monster, Cyrcle, Tats Cru, Solus, Jerkface, and SO

Interview with BD White & Sold Magazine! Issue 2 Release Party NYC

Did you ever wonder walking around NYC who the artists is who paints the bases of all the lamp posts?  Or did you pick up the first issue of Sold Magazine! and wonder who the brains were behind the free paper?  Well the answer to both is Brooklyn based street artist BD White.  With the

Artist Interview & Studio Visit: Elle

The elusive Brooklyn based street artist Elle is not so elusive anymore.  She has finally after years of anonymity stepped out of the shadows and revealing herself to the public.  So to celebrate Elle invited me over to hang out in her studio, and then got me drunk off a bunch of very expensive Old

Faith47 creates a new mural in Brooklyn, New York City

While we last heard from her in Montreal, Faith47 is now in New York City where she’s about to spend a few weeks.The South African muralist already worked her way through several new pieces including this beautiful artwork which is located in Brooklyn. This new piece is part of her series “The Psychic Power of

Tristan Eaton & Cycle’s new mural in WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Tristan Eaton & Cycle recently visited NYC and were very hard at work!  You can’t go anywhere in NYC without seeing some of there work it seems like.  Eaton & Cyrcle spent 3+ days in Williamsburg (while completing at least 3 other pieces simultaneously) finishing this multi-part collaborative mural.  Although the LA based artists ahd

Sweet Toof paints a new mural in WIlliamsburg Brooklyn, NYC

UK Street artist Sweet Toof has been tearing up the streets of NYC for the last month or so.  In conjunction with his solo show in the Brookyn Naval Yards @ Pandemic Gallery entitled “Derailed” Sweet Toof has been continuing his mini NYC take over with a brand spanking new mural in Williamsburg Brooklyn. World

Bushwick Collective: Year In Review (Part II)

Icy & Sot As promised, here is part two of my photos from The Bushwick Collective over the past year.The second half of the year was just as action packed as the first half of the year. Its true, as the colder months hit, the action slows but prior to that, a great line up

Shepard Fairey creates a new piece in Brooklyn to support the new Interpol album

A few days ago on the busy streets of Brooklyn in New York City, Shepard Fairey and his team painted this diptych piece to support the release of the newest Interpol album.The American artist quickly worked his way through this signature piece sporting his usual color palette. EL PINTOR means “the painter” in Spanish but