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“The Rotting Apple” by The Rebel Bear in Brooklyn, New York

March 23, 2020
1 min read
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Scotland’s ‘Banksy’ – The Rebel Bear just finished working on this new piece entitled “The Rotting Apple”.

Street artist, known as ‘The Rebel Bear’ has been creating street art over the last 3 years throughout Scotland as well as London and Calais. The themes of his work cover politics, love, human emotion and comment on the “absurdity” of the world we have created.

During the artist’s time in NYC, he has encountered many amazing people who make this amazing city what it is. But he has also encountered people working 4 jobs just to get by, a lack of investment in infrastructure and the highest homeless rate since the great depression. All of this while the skyscrapers continue to get higher, and the inequality gap continues to widen.

Take a look at more images of the thought-provoking mural below.

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