“Chasm” by Daniel Popper at EDC, Las Vegas
October 28, 2021
1 min read
Sculptor Daniel Popper just showcased his latest piece at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Las Vegas. His work is entitled “Chasm” which means a deep fracture in the earth or rock. It can also mean a profound difference between people, viewpoints and feelings.  Close to 3 years ago Daniel Popper was asked to create this entrance…
“UMI” by Daniel Popper in Chicago, Illinois
May 31, 2021
1 min read
Multidisciplinary artist Daniel Popper recently worked on new large scale sculptural works. “UMI” – meaning life in Swahili and mother in Arabic, is 1 of 5 new works of Daniel Popper from the Human+Nature exhibition opening at the Morton Arboretum. For this exhibition the artist tried to explore some new techniques, working with 3d sculpting and…
“Anima” a wooden sculpture by Daniel Popper in Las Vegas
May 29, 2019
1 min read
While we last heard from him in Tulum, Mexico some weeks ago, Daniel Popper is now in Las Vegas where he was invited by the people from Electric Daisy Carnival to create a new sculpture. The talented South African contemporary artist, known for his massive figurative sculptures, has constructed yet another beautiful new artwork entitled…
“Emergence” by Daniel Popper in Portugal
July 30, 2018
1 min read
The piece by Daniel Popper is entitled “Emergence” and it celebrating our inner nature. It symbolises a femenine multi cultural shamanic figure with three entrances into the womb . The inside of the female statue is covered with lush greenery emerging from the chest. The inner central part of the sculpture provided an intimate meeting space for…
Daniel Poppper “Ven a la Luz” Installation in Tulum, Mexico
June 12, 2018
1 min read
Daniel Popper is a multidisciplinary artist known globally for his larger-than-life sculptures, and spectacular public art installations. From Cape Town, South Africa, Daniel has created worldwide an array of sculptures , installations and stages. In town for Tulum’s First Arts & Culture Festival, Art With Me, the South African artist brought this incredible installation which…

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