Deih and Emilio Cerezo collaborate for CITRIC festival in Torreblanca, Spain

Deih has just came back from Torreblanca (Castellón) Spain where he has collaborated with Emilio Cerezo for a project called CITRIC festival. This festival is organized by Xèlon and HombreLópez, The philosophy of the festival was that all of the interventions are done by two artists painting together in a new combination to mix their skills and personal worlds

“Don’t Wake The Dreamer” by Deih in Berlin

Our friend Deih just returned from Berlin where he created a new piece with the good people from Urban Nation. Painting for the Lollapalooza Music Festival, the Spanish artist worked his magic in order to paint this beautiful artwork entitled “Don’t Wake The Dreamer”. Loads of people says that his walls are reminding them of a comic, but very few

Deih in Werchter, Belgium

“We, Humans, Can Only Watch the Cosmos’ Face Trapped By Our Perceptions Limits” is the latest mural by Deih which was just unveiled for the North West Walls in Werchter, Belgium. After a few days of work, the Spanish artist brought to life this superb piece which is featuring some of his signature and distinctive imagery. As

Deih in Belarus for Urban Myths

Our friend Deih recently spent some time in lovely Belarus where he just finished a brand new piece for the Urban Myths Project. To arrive at the final concept of his project, Deih got in touch with local folks, who helped him to better understand and reflect upon some of the ancient Belarusian pagan beliefs and

“Cosmic Balance” by Deih in Rabat

Our friend Deih recently spent some time in Rabat, Morocco where he was invited to paint for the latest edition of the Jidar Street Art Festival. Entitled “Cosmic Balance”, the Spanish artist spent a few days working on Jacob Mansoir Street where he created a vibrant piece featuring some of his signature comic-inspired imagery. As

“Zombie Graffiti” & more by Deih in Valencia, Spain

Spanish artist Deih just sent us a series of images from the latest artworks he created on the streets of his hometown, Valencia in Spain. Introducing a new Zombie series on the streets, the Spanish urban artist painted this rad piece showing a graffiti zombie.  The zombies are caring for humans leaving messages for them and

Deih “You Are Here” Limited Edition Hand-Painted Screen Print

By now you’re probably aware of the distinctly work of Deih. He hails from Valencia where he is something of a legend, apart from murals he is big time player in the comic and animation world and makes some very amazing work. He keeps his instagram regularly updated (here) so don’t just take our word for it. We persuaded him to

“Social Medias”, a new street piece by Deih in Valencia, Spain

Yesterday afternoon, Deih spent some time on the streets of his hometown, Valencia in Spain to create this new piece.Geared with Spray Paint, the Spanish artist quickly painted this piece showing one of his faceless futuristic characters. Along with the pictures, Deih sent us the following text linking the artwork to Social Medias: What would