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Deih and Emilio Cerezo collaborate for CITRIC festival in Torreblanca, Spain

May 26, 2017
2 min read
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Deih has just came back from Torreblanca (Castellón) Spain where he has collaborated with Emilio Cerezo for a project called CITRIC festival. This festival is organized by Xèlon and HombreLópez, The philosophy of the festival was that all of the interventions are done by two artists painting together in a new combination to mix their skills and personal worlds to create new pieces during the normal process of creation when they are painting alone.
Four murals were created almost in the same spot, all in the same square. It is the first time where the artists had this chance to make a complete square while creating different images that make up the same vibration sense.
For the main piece Deih has collaborated with Emilio Cerezo, but not all the pieces had the Deih touch. Garlic carried by a spaceship is a piece of Emilio and Xèlon.xlf.
For the piece Deih collaborated with Emilio, he said…
In this case we have mixed our own worlds that have an strange encounter between explorers in weird planets and the naturalistic esence of usual objects that we know well and we use everyday.
Telling about Space trash, or glitches between two worlds.
Maybe someday we eat some pears with cosmos juice inside.
Take a look below for more pictures of all the murals painted and stay tuned for updates from Spain.
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