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“GO FAST, PLAY MUSIC!” by Deih in Oropesa del Mar, Spain

April 19, 2021
1 min read
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Street artist Deih currently worked on a new mural entitled “GO FAST, PLAY MUSIC!”.  “SPEED ALWAYS FEELS GREAT, AND STOP ME FATAL” mentioned Deih. This wall is a tribute to his natural environment: movement. The mural was produced in collaboration with Rampuda Urban Art Festival in Oropesa del Mar, Spain wherein several well known artists created murals in different parts of the municipality.

For more than twenty years Spanish street artist Deih XLF is painting in the streets. Deih is based in Valencia, Spain, and translates his fascination for ‘The strangeness of life, where rarity is appreciated’, as he describes, to his curious figures and images. While he is working as an illustrator, for comics and also does video work, painting in the streets is his biggest passion as an artist.

Inspired by all media, books, comics, other artists, music and also Japanese imagery and its symbols, by the dark and unknown side of existence, by any kind of science fiction and cyberpunk, as a member of the crews XLF and RHB he creates impressive murals with sharp illustrations.

Check out below for more images of the mural.

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