El Mac in Agdz & Merzouga, Morocco

El Mac recently spent a few weeks in Morocco where along with David Choe he brought to life several new pieces. Painting on the streets of Agdz & Merzouga, the American artist created some of his stunning photo-realistic imagery which was painted using spray-paint. One of the pieces is located outside the Casbah des Arts, and is

“Desert Rose” by El Mac In Mesa, Arizona

El Mac recently finished working on a new mural commissioned by the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa (east Phoenix), Arizona. The image is based on his photos of Karen Bracamonte, an immigrant from Guatemala who is married to one of his friends. At the time of the reference shoot Karen was roughly seven months pregnant, so

“Enduring Spell” by El Mac in San Diego

El Mac just finished working on yet another stunning piece of work at the University of California in San Diego. The mural is titled “Enduring Spell” and is located at the interior courtyard of Argo Hall, on UC San Diego’s Revelle College campus. The name of the college comes from the late oceanographer Roger Revelle, one of

El Mac and Celso Gonzalez collaborate on a large mural in Harlem, New York City

The Monument Art Festival recently took place on the streets of New York City where El Mac and Celso Gonzalez teamed up to work on this massive wall located in Harlem.After several days of intense work on this vintage building, the American-Puerto Rican duo unveiled a beautiful piece of street art showcasing a stunning portrait by

“Nuestra Gente”, a new mural by El Mac in Phoenix, Arizona

El Mac recently stopped by Phoenix in Arizona where he created this large-scale mural entitled “Nuestra Gente” ( Our People ).The background designs around the face were painted by Mando Rascón, and the outer images on the ends of the mural were painted by Pablo Luna. Mando and Pablo were known in the 90s as

El Mac paints a large-scale mural in Boston, USA

Los-Angeles based artist El Mac spent some time in Massachusetts where he worked on this monster wall in Boston.Using his signature striated shading technique combined with red and blue hues, El Mac installed a beautiful and impressive mural on Meserve Hall overlooking Centennial Common. The mural showing a young girl holding a brush and a

El Mac reveals “Ánimo Sin Fronteras”, a new mural in El Paso, Mexico

After finishing his “Juarense y Poderosa” mural in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, El Mac moved up north to El Paso where he created another strong and meaningful piece. Titled “Ánimo Sin Fronteras” (Spirit Without Borders) it is another homage to the people that experienced the injustice and violence occurring regularly in the areas on the US/Mexican border. Through

El Mac paints “Juarense y Poderosa”, a new mural in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

While you discovered his last collaboration with Kofie a few days ago, El Mac also recently stopped by Mexico where he was invited to work on a large new piece somewhere on the streets of Ciudad Juarez which was known in the past as Paso del Norte, and commonly referred to by locals as simply