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El Mac in Agdz & Merzouga, Morocco

July 6, 2016
1 min read
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_DSC0091c Hssain Ahnana حساين اهنانا Merzouga sm

El Mac recently spent a few weeks in Morocco where along with David Choe he brought to life several new pieces.

Painting on the streets of Agdz & Merzouga, the American artist created some of his stunning photo-realistic imagery which was painted using spray-paint.

One of the pieces is located outside the Casbah des Arts, and is a portrait of Mohamed Ait El Caid ( محمد ايت القيد ). He is a 92 year old man who lives next door to the mural. The other mural located in Agdz, is based on images of his cat, and is painted on a centuries-old mudbrick kasbah.

The third piece is in Merzouga, at the edge of the Sahara, near the border with Algeria. Andrew Hem painted the background designs for this one. It is based on one of El Mac’s photos of Hssain Ahnana ( حساين اهنانا ) who comes from a lineage of Sahrawi nomads and now owns the camping ground (Secret du Sahara) where the mural was painted.

Take a look at more images below and check back with us shortly for the latest street art updates.

_DSC0145csm _DSC0082csm DSC01103 DSC01302c _DSC9869csm _DSC9851csm _DSC9931csm

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