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Pener in Volos, Greece

August 13, 2019
2 min read
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The third round of the “CityCall” festival, organized by UrbanAct in the city of Volos, has just been completed. Pener created a large new mural in the 15th and 24th primary schools.

Pener mention about his mural: “With large realizations in public space, I try to embed my works in the context of space. For their creation I often look for inspiration in the wall itself – its color, block or architectural details. These are simple starting points that can be used well.

In the work that was created in Volos in Greece, I was inspired by the building of the school – its energy, and a tube / megaphone which is a very strong accent. I used it in the composition as a key element. Which signals the noise of the children running around the school. Expression, dynamics of the composition reflects the energy of the place – pitch, break in the lesson, fun, dynamics. I set color strongly on the principle of elements that I associate with Greece – azure water … fire / hot from sky … nature’s green / olive trees.

I based the composition around two windows and I tried to mix the colors in such a way as to underline the dynamics of the place …and fasten everything in some buckles …integrating the elements of youth and nature …I hope I succeeded…”

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