Guido van Helten in Poland for Urban Forms

A few weeks ago, Urban Forms Foundation from Łódź, Poland had a chance to host Guido van Helten for a very exciting project. The project was unusual because the walls for Guido van Helten already had murals on them. The “twin” piece by polish artists Cekas, Chazme, Proembrion, Sepe and the late Tone has been

“Deep Winter” by Tellas in Lodz, Poland

Our friend Tellas just sent us some images from his latest wall that was painted somewhere on the streets of the lovely Lodz in Poland. Entitled “Deep Winter”, the Italian street artist once again brought to life some of his signature organic and nature landscape-inspired imagery which will surely be enjoyed by the local residents

“Hyperbolic” an Installation by Crystal Wagner in Lodz, Poland

The UNIQA Art Łódź project welcomes a beautiful installation by American artist Crystal Wagner entitled “Hyperbolic”. The project is curated by Michał Bieżyński. Hyperbolic is a wild exterior growth that wraps around the art nouveau façade of a 100 years old building in Lodz. The artist was interested in the dialog between architecture and organic forms and structures

“The Thank You” by Stormie Mills in Lodz, Poland

Stormie Mills was invited to paint this mural by Urban Forms as part of the City of Lodz festival “Energy of the City” in Poland. The name of the work is dziękuję” (the thank you) and Stormie created the piece on Mlynarska Street in Baluty. A site of that represents a painful history. During WW2 Baluty was

“Enjoy the silence” by Etam Cru & Robert Proch in Lodz, Poland

Etam Cru and Robert Proch just finished working on an outstanding mural for the UNIQA Art Lodz project in Poland organized by Lodz Murals curated by Michał Bieżyński. Entitled “Enjoy The Silence”, the Polish trio spent a few days to create this impressive artwork which is featuring each artists’ distinctive styles & techniques. Bezt and Sainer from

Installations by LUMP for UNIQA Art Lodz in Poland

Polish artist LUMP just unveiled six public art installations in Lodz, Poland which are based on advertising columns along Piotrkowska Street the longest street in Europe. The columns were transformed into giant, symbolical items – icons related to Polish People’s Republic (1952-1989). LUMP is an artist from Szczecin, graduate of Poznan’s Academy of Fine Arts,

“Life Is A State Of Mind” by Boa Mistura in Lodz, Poland

Boa Mistura recently travelled to Lodz in Poland for the Lodz Mural Project curated by our friend Michał Bieżyński. The piece entitled “Life Is A State Of Mind” was painted using 105 colors on the 600 m2 wall. “In their art, Boa Mistura usually is using very bright, vibrant and warm colors. Their work is very diversed, but on

“Cisza” an installation by Lukasz Berger in Lodz, Poland

“Silence” (“Cisza”) is a unique artistic installation by Lukasz Berger which consists of 1300 metal bars made of stainless steel. These metal bars are fixed directly to the wall by chemical anchors and they are arranged by size – from the shortest elements (3cm) to the longest (60cm). The installation was just unveiled in Lodz,