MonkeyBird in Le Locle, in Switzerland

MonkeyBird just sent us a series of images from their latest artwork that was created on the streets of Le Locle in Switzerland. Entitled “La Cité De La Précision”, the French artists brought to life an ultra-detailed artwork which will leave the viewers in pure awe. MonkeyBird is made up of two talented artists from

Monkeybird in Decazeville, France

French artistic duo Monkeybird just sent us some images from their latest mural which was just created in the city of Decazeville in France. As usual with the two talented artists, the result is an incredibly detailed and intricate artwork that can only catch your eyes and attention for quite some time. The piece was

Monkeybird in Grenoble, France

French duo Monkeybird just wrapped up an impressive piece of work in southern France for the Grenoble Street Art Festival which took place last week. Based out of Bordeaux, the two artists using symbolic anthropomorphism in their artworks ( wild animals in urban areas ). They started in 2010 and use stencil, collages, spray painting, drawing, carving, silkscreen