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Tbilisi Mural Fest 2021 in Georgia

November 17, 2021
1 min read
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For the third time now, TBILISI MURAL FEST has introduced the beautiful capital of Georgia as an important hub for internationally acclaimed mural artists. The festival has transformed unappealing facades into works of art, addressing social, enviromental and other relevant issues. 

According to Festival founder Besik Maziashvili, 33 murals were created in the frameworks of the festival since 2019, creating an open exhibition at different locations. The goal of creating beautiful messages on these open space canvas was accomplished by celebrities of the scene like Case Maclaim, FAITH47, MONKEYBIRD, 1010, etc and will be continued annually. This sudden upswing of street art affects the younger generation of local artists, who traditionally take part in the international festival alongside their renowned colleauges. 

Tbilisi Mural Fest 2021 line up includes MONKEYBIRD (France), FAITH47 (South Africa), JDL (Holland), APHE (Germany), NOAH (Germany), MAZZA (Brazil), 1010 (Germany), KADE 90 (Georgia), and DAVID SAMKHARADZE (Georgia).

Check out below for more photos from the festival.

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