“One Matter” by MP5 in Helsinki, Findland

MP5 just sent us a series of images from her latest series of pieces entitled “One Matter” which was just completed in the lovely city of Helsinki in Finland. As usual with the Italian artist, she brought to life several black and white works featuring some of her signature imagery. Take a look at all

“Save Our Souls” by MP5 in Terni, Italy

MP5 is currently in Terni, Italy where she just finished working on a large new piece which is entitled “Save Our Souls”. This piece commissioned by the city is her own reflection on Italy’s current state. “The shipwreck is that of civilization. Of culture, of solidarity. Even in our daily context that we define democratic

“The Care of Knowledge” by MP5 In Naples, Italy

This mural by MP5 was painted at the premises of the Women’s Documentation Center in the Spanish quarters in Naples, Italy. The Women’s Center contains a gender library and an archive of documents on national and international feminist movements. In the same building, there is also an anti-violence center frequented by many women, from the

“The Abduction of Europa” by MP5 in Saint Chamond, France

Italian artist Mp5 just wrapped up a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Saint Chamond in France which is entitled “The Abduction of Europa”. In Greek mythology Europa  was the mother of King Minos of Crete, a woman with Phoenician origin of high lineage, and for whom the continent Europe was named. The

MP5 in Rome, Italy

After the successful opening of her exhibition in Italy, our friend MP5 spent a few extra days in Rome to work on a new mural. Born in Naples but now living in Rome, MP5 can be considered as a cosmopolitan woman. used to travel to bring her art abroad. Among her talents, she is a street

MP5 “The Great Mother” Limited Edition Screen Print – Available October 8th

Italian street artist MP5 paints beautiful monochromatic murals that are both visually bold and cleverly plays with the surrounding landscape. MP5 uses only black and white paint to craft the images and she draws thick outlines that contour the subject’s bodies for a striking effect. “The Great Mother” is based on the story of Leda and

MP5 “Root Of Evil” New Mural – Abruzzo, Italy

Our friend MP5 recently stopped by Abruzzo in Italy where she spent a few days working on this beautiful new piece.The Italian muralist painted this signature monochrome piece which is entitled “Root Of Evil”. It is inspired by the legend of Pandora’s box and was painting out during the Visioni Perifreriche Street Art festival.Continue reading for

MP5 “Titani” New Mural – Turin, Italy

Our friend MP5 recently stopped by the lovely city of Turin in Italy where she worked her magic on this new piece at the Bunker.Entitled “Titani”, the Italian artist painted this signature monochrome piece which talks about the endless struggle from the poor people in the Italian society.Hit the jump for more images on this