Know Hope x Aakash Nihalani “Uncornered” New Mural – New York City

Israeli artist Know Hope was recently in NYC where he had a small solo show during Scope Art Fair. The other day he teamed up with NYC based artist Aakash Nihalani, and the duo worked on this lovely collaborative mural.Know Hope’s simple illustrative style worked super well with Aakash clean geometrical elements, especially combined with

VinZ New Street Pieces – New York City & Jersey City, USA

Our friend VinZ spent the last few days in New York where he attended the Scope Art Fair. Also busy on the streets of New York, VinZ remixed a series of famous sculptures t from artists like Michelangelo Buonarroti, Auguste Rodin or Antonio Canova. He used their famous works and adapted it to his characters

Ludo New Street Piece – New York City, USA

Our friend Ludo is currently in snowy New York City where he just finished working on this new street piece.In town for his upcoming opening at Jonathan Levine Gallery, the Parisian street artist brought his Lime-Copter at Rag and Bone on Elizabeth Street.Continue reading for more images and then check back with us soon for

Maya Hayuk New Mural – Houston & Bowery, New York City

Maya Hayuk spent the last few days working on this new mural on Houston and Bowery in New York City, USA.From her large-scale murals to small works on paper, her obsession with symmetry and nourishing colour play out in what might be seen as views from the Hubble Telescope, airbrushed nail art, Mexican woven blankets,

Showing: CRASH and Remi/Rough @ New York City’s Dorian Grey Gallery

CRASH and the UK’s Remi/Rough are in a new exhibition entitled ‘Flow’, now on display at Dorian Grey Gallery in NYC’s East Village.The show boasts approximately 25 graphic and colorful pieces from a recent collaboration between the two pioneering street artists. Both men have a storied history from getting up in the streets to getting

Preview: JR @ New York City Ballet

JR and his crew spent the last few days working with the New York City Ballet on the second presentation of Art Series.Known for his large-scale portrait photographs presented as urban art, JR used the company’s dancers to create pieces comprised of the dancers’ bodies rearranged as facial features.The images have been used to create large-scale

Icy & Sot New Indoor Pieces – New York City

After a popular piece last month in the Lower East Side (covered), Icy & Sot are still busy in New York City where they just unveiled this series of indoor pieces.Wandering through the big apple, The duo stumbled upon an abandoned house where they worked their magic with some of their signature stencil-based imagery. The

Icy & Sot New Street Art Piece – Lower East Side, New York City

Icy and Sot are back on the streets of New York City with this fresh new piece which was just completed in the lower east side.Their signature work often relates to peace, war, love, hate, hope, despair, children, human rights or the Iranian culture and as usual with the Iranian artist, this new stencil is