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Wrapping up his first US trip, Lonac stopped in NYC back in December to paint one of his signature mutant fish pieces on the streets of the city that never sleeps. Taking advantage of the mild winter weather the Croatin artist battled the crowds by spending couple of early mornings working on his last piece for 2016.

Mixing two polar artistic styles the piece is composed with a simple white silhouette of a fish and photo realistic elements “added” to it. The fish itself has a big human eye on it, as one of the artist’s signature elements, but also, attached are the photorealistic head and a small wing of an eagle. The mixture of these opposing styles creates kind of humorous image, especially taking into account that eagle is one of the America’s most used and recognizable symbols.

Check out the progress video and more photos by Silkfatblues after the jump, and keep an eye on Lonac cause he is already having some big things planned for 2017.

Sasha Bogojev

About Sasha Bogojev

Growing up skateboarding I always enjoyed board graphics, Toy Machine adds and art section in Thrasher magazine. Around that time I started flirting with graffiti which eventually lead to appreciating street and urban art. Few years later I ended up with an Internet based job. Too much online time on my hands resulted in getting involved in art related forums, and finally writing for various art websites.