Pixel Pancho “The Garden Of Eden” Solo Show, September 14th, Turin, Italy

Living recluded in his studio for the past two months, Pixel Pancho is almost ready to get out for the opening of his new solo show “The Garden Of Eden” next week at Galo Art Gallery in Turin, Italy.  Working on a diverse array of mediums and technique, the Italian Street Artist has been hard

Invader “Derives” Brussels Solo Show Preview

After his recent invasion in Brussels ( Part I – Part II ),  Parisian artist Invader is back in Belgium where on Friday he will be opening his new show titled “Derives” at Alice Gallery.Invader will present a new series of aliases from his invasion of Brussels ,  Rubik’s cubes installations and previously seen in

Sickboy “Wonder Club” San Francisco Solo Exhibition Sneak Peek

British artist Sickboy will be opening “Wonder Club” his first US major solo show later this month at the White Walls, Shooting Gallery and 941 Geary in San Francisco, California.“Wonder Club” refers to a meeting place in Sickboy’s mind, where his cryptic street messages, surreal abstraction and comical illusions all come together.Here’s a preview of what

Mr Brainwash Geneva Exhibition Preview

Today, SAN stopped by Opera Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland as they were preparing to hang a series of new original works by Mr Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta), the artist immortalized in and in a sense created by Banksy‘s documentary ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’.Here are a few fresh shots from the upcoming exhibition which will

Anthony Lister New Los Angeles Solo Show Preview

Tomorrow, Aussie artist Anthony Lister will be opening his new solo show at New Image Art in Los Angeles.The new body of work will be focused on the beauty theme and the twisted form of the ballerina, here’s a small glimpse of what we can expect to discover tomorrow evening so check back with us