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Preview: VinZ “Tempus Fugit” @ London’s RexRomae

April 14, 2014
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Next week, RexRomae will be presenting Tempus Fugit, the debut London solo exhibition of VinZ, the provocative Spanish urban artist.
Beyond money, individual success and fame, there is something humans long for: time. Or more adequately stated: More Time. It is the largest commodity that mankind has, and it’s spent faster than any fortune.
At birth, a chronometer starts and seems to accelerate over the years. Only death can stop time. At the end of the road, our memories determine who we where, what we have lived and how we managed our time. Tempus Fugit is an exhibition of original works and sketches with their street counterparts on display.
Inspired by British Romantic literature, the works on the street represent scenes of the ephemeral and dirty twilight of life, while the artwork in the gallery shows moments of everlasting youth and beauty.
The Spanish Street Artist will also be in London for the event where he will be painting 8 street works for the locals to enjoy. You can email [email protected] to request “Tempus Fugit” preview list.
The show will be running from 24th to 30th April, 2014 @ 132 Commercial St London E1 6NQ.
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