“Emigration” by Rustam QBic in Ravenna, Italy

Russian artist Rustam QBic was recently invited for the Subsidence Street Art Festival which took place on the streets of Ravenna in Italy. Rustam QBic painted another of his beautiful illustrative images showing a faceless man riding a giant bird. The man is carrying a mirror where a pair of hands are emerging from in order to

Hyuro, a large mural in Ravenna, Italy

Hyuro recently spent some time in Ravenna, Italy for the Subsidence Festival where she created this new piece entitled: ¨25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women¨Located in the ¨Giardino Sorelle Mirabal¨ of Ravenna, the piece was named this way in honor to the Mirabal Sisters, four Dominican sisters who opposed the

Invader creates a series of new invasions in Ravenna, Italy

Invader is back on the streets of Ravenna in Italy where he just finished working on his second wave of invasions in this lovely city.The elusive French street artist brought to life some brilliant pixelated pieces which were created using colored tiles. Invader affixes mosaic images of characters from video game in cities around the world.

“Fiumi Uniti”, a new mural by Tellas in Ravenna, Italy

The Subsidenze Street Art Festival recently took place on the streets of Ravenna in Italy where our buddy Tellas was invited.After a few days of work, the Italian muralist created this beautiful piece which is featuring some of his signature abstract imagery. Minimalist and organic, this hypnotic piece is yet another very unique but beautiful

“The Last Kiss”, a piece by Pixel Pancho in Ravenna, Italy

Pixel Pancho is currently in Ravenna, Italy where he was invited to paint a preview for the upcoming 2015’s edition of the Subsidenze Street Art Festival.The Turin-based muralist created a large-scale mural entitled “The Last Kiss” of which we released a screenprinted edition a few months ago. The piece shows a lovely robotic couple kissing

Basik “A Path Of Struggle Through A Kingdom And Its Crown” New Street Art – Lido Adriano, Italy

Basik is currently in Lido Adriano, Italy where he just wrapped up this beautiful new piece entitled “A Path Of Struggle Through A Kingdom And Its Crown”.Along with a nice series of shots, the Italian artist sent us the following explanation on this complex piece: The twin works take their inspiration from the Sephirot of the