Remi Rough in Washington DC

Remi Rough just returned from Washington DC where he was invited by the good people from Art Whino. Painting for the DC Mural Project, the British artist once again created a beautiful piece of work showcasing some of his signature imagery. Remi Morgan aka Remi/Rough has been breaking aesthetic boundaries for a quarter century. Transcending

Remi Rough in Rabat, Morocco

Our friend Remi Rough just sent us some sweet images from his latest piece which was created in Rabat, Morocco. Painting at the Mohamed VI Museum, the British artist brought to life some of his signature abstract imagery with a vibrant red and black piece. Born in 1971 in South London,  Remi/Rough has been breaking aesthetic

Marrakech Biennale: Street Art Project

For the first time since its inauguration, the Marrakech Biennale includes urban art as part of its integral programme. Eleven leading international and local street artists were invited to Morocco to participate in the 6th Edition of the Biennale as part of the MB6: Street Art parallel project. A few days before the opening of the Biennale,

Remi Rough creates a new mural in Rabat, Morocco

Our buddy Remi Rough recently spent some time in Morocco for the Jidar Toile De Rue Festival which took place on the streets of Rabat.Assisted by YesBee, the British artist quickly wrapped up this large building with some of his signature abstract imagery. A new life for a grey and boring building!Reconvene after the jump

Remi Rough creates a series of new pieces in Dubai, UAE

Our friend Remi Rough is back from the United Arab Emirates where he was invited to paint a series of new pieces on the streets of Dubai.In town for the Sole DXB event, the London-based artist worked his magic through three abstract pieces including a collaboration with Yesbee.Continue reading for a closer look at these

Remi Rough x Best Ever New Mural – Galloya, Gambia

The excellent Wide Open Walls project in Gambia just wrapped up another brilliant session with Remi Rough, Best Ever and Rimon Guimarães.Immersed in the life of the small village of Galloya, Remi Rough and Best Ever collaborated on this stunning piece featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery. Additionally, some other collabs and solo pieces were

2501 x Remi Rough New Mural – London, UK

2501 recently stopped by East London, UK where he spent a few hours working with Remi Rough on this sweet new piece.The newly formed Italian-British duo quickly worked their way through this piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style. If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find it on Hanbury Street

Showing: CRASH and Remi/Rough @ New York City’s Dorian Grey Gallery

CRASH and the UK’s Remi/Rough are in a new exhibition entitled ‘Flow’, now on display at Dorian Grey Gallery in NYC’s East Village.The show boasts approximately 25 graphic and colorful pieces from a recent collaboration between the two pioneering street artists. Both men have a storied history from getting up in the streets to getting