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Marrakech Biennale: Street Art Project

March 6, 2016
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29. MadC MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016 (1)

For the first time since its inauguration, the Marrakech Biennale includes urban art as part of its integral programme. Eleven leading international and local street artists were invited to Morocco to participate in the 6th Edition of the Biennale as part of the MB6: Street Art parallel project.

A few days before the opening of the Biennale, artists Mad C (Germany), Dotmaster (UK), Giacomo RUN (Italy), Dag Insky (France), Kalamour (Morocco), Alexey Lucas (Russia), LX.ONE (France), Lucy McLauchlan (UK), Remi Rough (UK), Sickboy (UK) and Yesbee (UK) created several pieces around Marrakech including the rooftops of the souks in the Medina, Bahia Palace area, the walls around Gueliz, the new part of Marrakech and in the city of Essaouira.

The project also unveiled North Africa’s largest mural. Giacomo Bufarini RUN painted the 6400 square meter mural on the popular Moulay Hassan Square in Essouaira. The artwork depicts two figures communicating across borders, echoing Essaouira’s rich musical heritage.

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37. Dotmasters MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016

61. Lucy McLauchanmural in Medina MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016 53. Alexey Luka second mural on Riad Amina MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016 39. Giacomo Bufarini RUN MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016 32. Alexey Luka MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016 62. Giacomo Bufarini RUN Marrakesh_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2016

64. Remi Rough, LX.One and Yesbee collaborative mural Marrakesh_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2016 16. working on his mural MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016. 60. Yesbee mural in Medina MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016 31. Sickboy MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016

40. Sickboys MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016 58. Sickboys and Dotmasters working together MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016 47. Remi Rough and Marrakesh_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2016 25. MadC MB6 Street Art photo ©_Ian_Cox_2016 (1)

All images by Ian Cox

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