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Remi Rough in Rabat, Morocco

May 8, 2016
1 min read
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Our friend Remi Rough just sent us some sweet images from his latest piece which was created in Rabat, Morocco.

Painting at the Mohamed VI Museum, the British artist brought to life some of his signature abstract imagery with a vibrant red and black piece.

Born in 1971 in South London,  Remi/Rough has been breaking aesthetic boundaries for a quarter century. Transcending the traditional image of a graffiti writer, Remi is passionate and unforgiving about his creative progression over the years. Throughout the eighties he had a role in supporting the evolution of the UK graffiti art scene, and then he became part of the Abstract Graffiti movement.

Take a look at more images after the break and keep checking back with us for the latest street art updates.

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