ArtWhino: Jason Woodside in Richmond

Our friend Jason Woodside graced the streets of Richmond with two large murals for the Richmond Mural Project organized by ArtWhino. The New York-based artist created some of his signature pattern-based images in form of a large circle and a triangle. Mixing bands of kaleidoscope pattern within geometric structures give Woodside’s work its unique edge. Discover all

ArtWhino: “Make Your Own Luck” by ASVP in Richmond

New-York based artists ASVP also travelled to Richmond, Virginia in order to participate in the Richmond Mural Project organized by ArtWhino. Entitled “Make Your Own Luck”, the duo quickly worked their way through this huge ladybug which will hopefully bring good luck to the local residents for years to come. ASVP is creating visual art with

ArtWhino: “Chasing TigerMan” by WAONE in Richmond

Former Interesni Kazki member WAONE recently finished working on his first black and white mural somewhere on the streets of Richmond in the USA. In town for the Richmond Mural Project curated by our friends at ArtWhino, the talented Ukrainian muralist brough to life this intricate piece showing some of his unique signature surreal imagery.

ArtWhino: Vero Rivera in Richmond

While you discovered some progress shots a few days ago, Vero Rivera has now wrapped up her street piece for the Richmond Mural Project. Invited by ArtWhino, the Puerto Rican artist created a beautiful and graphic piece featuring a flower like abstract aesthetic in bright gold on a black backdrop. It took about 4 days of

ArtWhino: “La Espera” by Jade in Richmond

We continue our ongoing coverage of the Richmond Mural Project 2016 organized by ArtWhino with Peruvian artist Jade which just finished an impressive new piece. Entitled “La Espera” ( -Waiting- in Spanish ), the talented South American artist painted this large piece without the use of any projector. As usual with Jade, his technique is impeccable

ArtWhino: Work In Progress by Vero Rivera in Richmond

Vero Rivera is also in Richmond, Virginia where she’s currently taking place in the Richmond Mural Project organized by ArtWhino. The talented Puerto Rican artist spent the last few days working on one of her intricate mandala-inspired piece which will be enjoyed by the local residents for years to come. Take a closer look below