“Evasion” by Sabek in Hamburg, Germany

Spanish based artist Sabek has recently visited Hamburg in Germany to paint a mural called “Evasion” for Walls Can Dance project organised by Urban Art Institute. Sabek has spent 4 days painting during the ran, so called “Hamburg summer”. Sabek has been quite consistent bringing nature on the walls around the world and this one is no exception… Check

“The keep” by Sabek in Atlanta, USA

Sabek has recently spend some time in Atlanta, Georgia where he has painted a beautiful mural on a side of a 7 story building titled “The Keep” for Outerspace Festival, which was curated by ABV Gallery. This mural tries to represent a mutual care between two individuals, in this case the nature and the human being.

“Animal pantheon” from Sabek in Helsinki, Finland

Sabek has recently spent some time in Helsinki, Finland, above the Pasila railway station creating this beautifully massive mural measuring in 74 x 7,5 meters. The artist says this was a really hard piece to make due the challenging surface he had to encounter while painting. When painting, he wanted to show an animal pantheon in

“The few what are left” by Sabek in Napier, New Zealand

Sabek, Spanish based artist, recently visited Napier in New Zealand to paint a corrugated wall for Sea Walls, Artists for Oceans public art project. Painting this wall Sabek is portraying overfishing, and how that affects the ocean and everything that inhabits it. Main character on this corrugated wall is the big blue whale, and Sabek painted it as

“Reversible” by Sabek in Worcester, USA

While we last heard from him in Malaysia a few days ago, Sabek has now reached North America to paint with the POW! WOW! Family. Painting on the streets of Worcester, the Spanish artist was given a large brick wall to paint one of his images. This time around, the piece shows a young girl and

“The Bond” by Sabek in Muar, Malaysia

Sabek recently wrapped up this large new piece on the streets of Muar in Malaysia which is entitled “The Bond”. With this artwork, the artist wanted to highlight the fact that the human race is currently loosing its natural bonds with our values when interacting with the nature and our earth. In his work, the Spanish artist often represents an imaginary

Sabek paints new murals in Penang, Malaysia

Currently touring through Southeastern Asia, Spanish artist Sabek just dropped us an email containing his latest street productions in Malaysia.  Hailing from Madrid, Sabek creates large-scale works featuring his unique illustrative imagery playing with figures usually inspired by nature and animals.  Reconvene after the jump to discover his other work and then make sure to