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“RESILIENCE” by Sabek in Galicia, Spain

August 4, 2020
1 min read
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Madrid-based artist Sabek is back with a new mural for the sixth edition of Rexenera Fest. Rexenera is an international public art festival in Carballo that brings together the best urban artists there are in Galicia, Spain and international scenes, transforming the town into an open air museum.

Sabek shared his work together with the words “The resilience boosts happiness.” This mural shares light that we will be able to overcome shocking circumstances during these hard times.

The artist’s unmistakable style is recognized by the representation of silhouettes inspired by nature and animals, particularly noble and powerful animals that provoke a strong sense of respect. His work poses a reflection on the human being and his relationship with the primal instincts. Sabek always aims to show a mixture of subtlety and power in perfect balance in which the shapes and masses of flat colors, used almost as symbols, coexist perfectly with the most delicate details.

Scroll down below to view more photos of the mural.

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