Pilpeled in Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa

Israeli graphic designer and artist Pilpeled just finished his brand new piece in Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa. Pilpeled was one of the artists that were involved in producing murals for this year’s International Public Art Festival in South Africa. Pilpeled has become one of the most notable forces in the Israeli Urban art scene. In

ROA’s Pangolin in Cape Town

ROA recently stopped by the lovely city of Cape Town in South Africa where he got to create another of his lovely monochrome creatures. The Belgian artist brought to life a giant Pangolin, also known as scaly anteaters, are reclusive and nocturnal animals that roll up into a ball when threatened. Pangolin is an animal also

“The Last Traveler” by NIMI in Stavanger, Norway

Nuart’s program has just got a new addition called “The Last Traveler” by Bergen-based artist NIMI. This was their new initiative to produce work outside of Nuart’s annual flagship festival. NIMI who originates from South Africa is an architect and street artist who likes to experiment with a variety of techniques, mediums and creative processes in

Faith47 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Our friend Faith47 just finished working on a giant and rather impressive mural somewhere on the streets of Johannesburg in South Africa. After several days of work, the South African muralist unveil this giant elephant which will now be enjoyed by the local residents and tourists alike for years to come. As usual with Faith,

“Boniswa” by Breeze Yoko in Cape Town

Breeze Yoko is a Cape Town-based multidisciplinary artist specialising in video/film and graffiti. He recently painted over 13 countries traveling mostly overland from Lagos to Amsterdam. Painting in Cape Town, Breeze Yoko created this awesome piece of work. “Boniswa” is her name and she lives in Khayelitsha. She is north facing, always looking into the

“1200-900BC” by Faith47 in Cape Town, South Africa

Our friend Faith47 just sent us some awesome images from her latest piece which was just completed on the streets of Cape Town in South Africa. Entitled “1200-900BC”, this piece is the start of a new body of work that Faith47 will be unfolding over the next two years. Known for both her street art and studio work,

“Incognito”, a new mural by ABOVE in Johannesburg, South Africa

ABOVE recently spent some time in South Africa where he was invited by the good lads from the City Of Gold Festival to create a new piece in Johannesburg.The title of the wall piece is “Incognito” and it measures 33 metres tall by 17 metre wide. This is ABOVE’s largest mural to date with over

“I Am You You Are Me”, a new mural by Freddy Sam in Cape Town

Freshly returned from Portugal, Freddy Sam is already back at work in Cape Town, South Africa where he just finished working on a new mural. Entitled “I Am You You Are Me”, the South African artist sent us the following statement : The area is very harsh and has a large amount of homeless people, gangs, drug