Interview & Preview – Swoon “Cicada” Opening 11/14/19 at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, NYC

So why don’t you quickly tell everyone who you are? So, my name is Caledonia Corry. I also go by the artist moniker Swoon. And I’m here at 76 grand Street, setting up a different kind of show for me.  And why is it different? It’s different because I have started to teach myself stop

Preview: The Bushwick Collective 7th Annual Block Party, Brooklyn, NY 06/02/18

This Saturday June 2nd, 2018 The Bushwick Collective 7th Annual Block Party in Brooklyn, NY is the place to be!  Free for all this yearly event features, music, food, venders, face painting, a beer garden, food trucks, free haircuts… and art… live art… and more ART!!  Some of the best street artists in the world

Artist Interview: Logan Hicks

Nothing is more exciting for a street art fan in New York City then when a new artists starts to work on the legendary Bowery Mural.  For three or four days there is an excitement in the air as art fans from all over the city check in daily to see the artists vision unfold

PREVIEW – The Bushwick Collective 5th Anniversary Gallery Show & Block Party 04/06/15 Brooklyn, NYC

The Bushwick Collective is celebrating five years of beautifying the Jefferson stop off the L train in Bushwick Brooklyn with blocks upon blocks of murals by the who’s who of the street art world. Over the years the roster has included Blek Le Rat, Tristan Eaton, Buff Monster, Cyrcle, Tats Cru, Solus, Jerkface, and SO

Owen Dippie creates a new mural in Bushwick, New York City

The latest addition to the Bushwick Collective’s collection of murals in New York City is a new piece by Owen Dippie which was just completed earlier this week in trendy Brooklyn.The American artist quickly painted this epic tribute to Keith Haring which is sure going to be popular amongst the local crowd.Continue reading for more

Buff Monster paints a new mural at The Bushwick Collective block party Brooklyn, NYC

This past weekend was The Bushwick Collective’s 4rd annual block party featuring musical acts like Dj Evil Dee of Black Moon and Fat Joe who rocked the entire block while a plethora of street artists painted every usable wall surrounding the festivities.  As always Buff Monster blessed the patrons by painting this new mural live.

Dasic Fernandez paints a new piece in Bushwick, New York City

Yesterday in New York City, Dasic Fernandez was also painting for the Bushwick Collective Annual Block Party in Brooklyn.The Chilean-artist spent a few hours working on this vibrant artwork depicting a woman rendered using paint-splatter. The woman is laying down in a white paint pond where it seems like she’s slowly being absorbed.Continue reading for

“HomerBob” a new piece by Jerkface in Bushwick, New York City

Earlier this afternoon, Jerkface finished working on a brand new piece which was painted for the annual block party organized by the good lads from The Bushwick Collective in New York City.True to himself, the American artist spent two days working on this crossover image blending Homer Simpson and SpongeBob. Jerkface’s street art is described as