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The 10 most popular Street Art pieces of May 2017

June 3, 2017
2 min read

1. Banksy – Dover, UK

Bringing back one of StreetArtNews’ tradition, it’s time to unveil the ten most popular street art pieces around the world for the month of May 2017. The Ranking is created by our readers as it’s uniquely based on our web server’s unique page views.

Ranking number one for May 2017 is without a surprise Banksy and his latest massive mural that appeared on the streets of Dover in the UK. With one of his largest work to date, the British artist gave a strong statement on the European Union’s current state.

Second place this month goes to a public art installation with Jeff Koons and his “Giant Inflatable Ballerina” in New York City. Polling third and fourth are Lorenzo Quinn and Dface in Venice and Paris.

Europe is leading the way as almost all of the pieces were created in the region. Special mention to Paris which seems to be a hot place for Street Art these days. The city of lights appeared four times with Invader, D*Face, Bordalo II and Ludo.

Take a look at the full ranking below and let us know in the comments section which other artists you think deserved to be in the top 10 this month.

2Jeff Koons – New York City, USA

3. Lorenzo Quinn – Venice, Italy

4. D*Face – Paris, France

5. Artez – Serbia

6. Bordalo II – Paris, France

7. Invader – Paris, France

8. Ludo – Paris, France

9. Millo – Saint Petersburg, Russia

10. Pastel – Oslo, Norway

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