Banksy pays tribute to Basquiat in London, UK

Elusive British street artist Banksy is back on the streets of London with a series of new pieces that were unveiled around the Barbican centre, a performing arts centre in the City of London and the largest of its kind in Europe. Just a few days prior to the opening of a new exhibition featuring the

“Brutalist Supergraphics” by Ricky Also in Worthing, UK

Project “Brutalist Supergraphics” has just been wrapped up in Worthing, UK on a 60s car park wall, measuring in 1000m2. Candy-striped mural took 600 spray cans and seven days to complete, and if you look closely it spells out the phrase ‘RIGHT NOW’ – a representation of the creative regeneration happening in the town (and an anagram of Worthing). Brutalist

“To build a home” by Snik in Goosegate, Nottingham

It has been quite a while since we last heard from our friends Snik on Streetartnews, but they are back with a new street art piece by the name of “To build a home”. It is a 4 layer hand cut stencil piece located in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Their first mural in Nottingham has been supporte by

“Lady Kinoko” by Fin DAC in West London

Our Irish friend Fin DAC has been a little quite of late in terms of street work but he assures us thats all about to change and first off the bat is this new creation entitled ‘Lady Kinoko’ in Notting Hill, West London. Carrying on from successful ‘interventions’ last year in Venice and Miami, the

Banksy and the European Union in Dover, England

A few hours ago, the elusive British artist Banksy unveiled a brand new mural in Dover, UK located next to the busy A20 motorway on York Street. This Street Piece is one of Banksy’s largest artwork to date and shows a massive European flag with a stenciled worker removing one of the European flag’s 12 stars.. Located

“Life” by Axel Void in London

This mural is based on a photo Axel Void took in a slum known as G.S. Nagar in Chennai, India. The wall is situated in a very lively neighborhood near Wood Street. It is full of local businesses such as restaurants or small markets, excluding large corporations. It is interesting to see the mostly harmonious

“The Old Jaw Bone & Hand” by Reka in London

Our friend Reka recently visited the UK where he was able to leave a new piece of work somewhere in London, Camden. The mural title is a comical reference to England’s famous and often bizarre Pub names. However, looking deeper within its title, The Jaw-Bone & Hand is a subtle reference to the recent and

“Henrietta’s Homecoming” by Fin DAC in Bristol

Our Irish friend Fin DAC has been having some fun painting at a place called The Nursery for Upfest in Bristol. Taking his lead from his surroundings he’s produced a very playful mural that many attending the festival didn’t even realise was his work: the painted face mask being the only real sign of his