“Broken Streets” by David De La Mano in Montevideo

Our friend David De La Mano just sent us a series of images from his latest personal project in Uruguay. David de la Mano is a Spanish contemporary artist best known for his stunning murals often depicting silhouettes, trees and other monochromatic imagery. de la Mano is a versatile artist who excels from drawing to

Elian paints a football court in Montevideo, Uruguay

Our friend Elian just sent us some images from his latest artwork which was just unveiled on the streets of Montevideo in Uruguay. As usual with the Argentinean muralist, he brought to life another outstanding abstract composition. Elian refreshed this football court with some of his signature imagery and it will surely be enjoyed by

“Silent Sound” by David De La Mano in Uruguay

This mural by David De La Mano entitled “Silent Sound” was painted some weeks ago in the Southern district of Montevideo in Uruguay. Inspired by the “parade of calls” which takes place through these streets, where all the local drummers participate as part of the Uruguayan Carnival. This mural was part of a interactive project

The Crystal Ship: Colectivo Licuado

Colectivo Licuado is an artistic duo from Montevideo in Uruguay, created 5 years ago with Florencia Durán and Camilo Nunez. Mastering spray paint with a hyperrealistic style, their creations juxtaposes culture and traditions of the environment in which they work with their own style and a touch of art nouveau: skin tones, drapes, lighting and

David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

Returning to his origins, monochrome style master and a good friend of ours, David de la Mano, has just finished a personal project of his in an abandoned house around 20km from the centre of Montevideo. Artist is resuming to work in peripheral places, and these series of murals inhabit the house in the process of collapse…

“Dilemma” by David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

Monochrome style master and a good friend of ours, David de la Mano, has just finished a mural called “Dilemma” on the streets of Montevideo. The artwork was done for Festival de Arte Urbano de Montevideo II, and most of the walls painted during the festival were of the women’s prison in the neighbourhood of La Comercial,

David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

Back in 2017 our good friend David de la Mano was invited for a collective artistic project (initiated by Damian Ibarguren Gauthier) which tried to artistically “occupy” an old convent in the centre of Montevideo, and then show off all the work of the artists for a few days before the demolition of this construction to built some

“Prelude” by David de la Mano in Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay

At the end of last year our good friend David de la Mano was invited for the first edition of CAMPO GARZÓN ARTFEST in Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay. This is yet another monochrome signature style piece by the artist, but this time – with a twist. Only white and grey, no black featured in this mural, which sits