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The Crystal Ship: Colectivo Licuado

April 16, 2018
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Colectivo Licuado is an artistic duo from Montevideo in Uruguay, created 5 years ago with Florencia Durán and Camilo Nunez. Mastering spray paint with a hyperrealistic style, their creations juxtaposes culture and traditions of the environment in which they work with their own style and a touch of art nouveau: skin tones, drapes, lighting and shadows are surreal.

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For the Crystal Ship Festival, Colectivo Licuado paid tribute to Ostend, the city by the Sea.
With their mural featuring two women, they wanted to illustrate a balance between the calm and the storm at Sea.
The standing tall blond girl represents storms drawing strings of winds, while the seated brunette is peaceful and having a protecting hand on the boat.

Check pics of the work in progress below.

Photo Credit: Butterfly Art News

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