Hyuro New Street Piece In Valencia, Spain

Painting one wall after another, Hyuro is once more back on the streets of Valencia with this fresh new piece.As usual with Hyuro, her works explore the social condition of women, in a somewhat disturbing way.Continue reading to check out this piece in more details and check back us soon for more Street Art updates

Hyuro New Street Piece In Valencia, Spain

Many street artists feel the need to create large-scale work, however the smaller pieces that are site specific are just as impactful.Hyuro is a great example of an artist working on a smaller scale, with strong imagery, and her work stands out among the rest.This newest piece, showing a woman going through a chair painted

Hyuro New Mural In Valencia, Spain

The walls and residents of Valencia, Spain are fortunate to have artists such as Hyuro, and Escif continuously bringing strong, thought provoking work to the streets.Hyuro newest piece depicts a woman carrying some kind of rug on a stick, quite mysterious…A detailed gallery of the piece is below, so take a look and stay tuned

Deih New Mural In Valencia, Spain

While we last heard from him last month (covered), Deih is back on the streets of his hometown, Valencia, with a fresh new piece entitled “The Insider”.As usual with the Spanish artist, he delivers a rather unique piece featuring his signature illustrative technique.Take a look after the jump for more detailed shots and check back

Escif New Mural in Valencia, Spain

Spanish artist Escif recently finished a new mural entitled “Austeridad” (Austerity) in his hometown of Valencia, Spain.As usual with the Spaniard, this new mural refers to the economic crisis that Spain is in the midst of.Check back with us soon for more by Escif…