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Elian in Valencia, Spain

May 27, 2018
1 min read
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This beautiful artwork by Elian was painted in the Universitat Politécnica of Valencia in Spain for the Polinizados street art festival.

Besides the floating effect of the blue figure and grey square, this piece seeks to highlight the architectural lines through the transformation of the white surface into red.
The chromatic vibration of the piece makes that the figure and the background gives the impression to be detached.

Elian decided to use only red and blue because the building is a Trinquete court, a typical and traditional sport from Valencia, where each team is represented by these colors.
The idea was to lead to a maximum point the “No Parking” sign, by making a double reference between what is happening inside the building and what is happening outside, that in the end are connected, even from invisible gestures.

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