Alberto Montes in Zaragoza, Spain

Alberto Montes recently finished another mural in Zaragoza, Spain. His new murals features nature and was created in relation to the landscape surrounding it. Alberto’s new works encourages pause, contemplation and reflection to counter the haste and lack of attention in the public space. Alberto Montes is a visual artist born in Los Corrales, Seville in 1995.  He

Aryz & SAN take over a chapel in Zaragoza, Spain

The always excellent Asalto Festival brought over Aryz and Daniel Munoz “SAN” to take over the exterior of a Chapel in Zaragoza, Spain. Painting at the location of old psychiatric hospital of Zaragoza, Aryz and SAN wrapped up the chapel with some of their distinctive signature’s imagery. True to his style, Aryz took over the walls

Saner paints a large mural in Zaragoza, Spain for Asalto Festival

Our buddy Saner just sent us some sweet images from his latest piece which was just completed in Spain.Painting on the streets of Zaragoza for the latest edition of the always excellent Asalto Festival, the Mexican muralist unveiled this beautiful piece showing a kissing couple wearing traditional Mexican masks and ponchos.Continue reading for more images

Pastel paints a new mural for Festival Asalto in Zaragoza, Spain

Francisco Díaz aka Pastel, was another participant of the recent edition of Asalto festival in Zaragoza Spain. The Argentinian artist created a this large signature piece, depicting elements of local plants and flowers that grow in this abandoned area of the town, dominated by the bright yellow man made arrowheads. All painted using colors that can

iNO “Predators” mural for Asalto Festival In Zaragoza, Spain

While we last heard from him last July in his hometown of Athens, iNO is now in Spain where he painted this beautiful piece entitled “Predators”.In town for the Asalto Festival in Zaragoza, the Greek muralist painted this impressive monochrome mural with his signature smoky and loose effect.See more on the “Predators” mural below and

Dulk creates a new mural for Asalto Festival in Zaragoza, Spain

Antonio Segura Donat better known as Dulk is currently in Spain where he was invited to paint for the latest edition of the always excellent Asalto Street Art Festival.The Spanish illustrator and muralist dropped this beautiful piece which is incorporating his signature wildly imaginative hybrid creatures and bold colors.Take a look at more images after

Okuda New Mural For Asalto ’13 In Zaragoza, Spain

Okuda recently visited the city of Zaragoza in Spain where he worked on this beautiful mural for the Asalto Festival.As usual with the Spanish artist, his geometric, bright-coloured abstract shapes stand in contrasty interplay with grey-shaded organic forms and shapes.Continue reading for a full look on this piece and then check back with us soon

Smithe New Mural For Asalto ’13 In Zaragoza, Spain

After his recent appearance in New York City (covered), Smithe has now landed in Europe where he just finished working on this first mural in Zaragoza, Spain.Flying over from South America, the Mexican street artist used his impressive line work to drop yet another epic beast.Continue reading for all the angles on this artwork and