“A Trip Around The Stars” by Zed1 in Montegranaro Italy

The last mural painted by Zed1 for the Veregra Street Festival in Montegranaro is entitled “Un viaggio per le stelle”, a trip around the stars. Zed1’s walls aren’t simple drawings. They transform into imaginary illustrated fairy-tales that are capable of giving us the keys of multiple ways of understanding. His characters animate in front of our

“Size is no measure of greatness” by ZED1 for Basel House: Wynwood

During the annual Miami Art Basel Week, the 5th edition of Basel House: Wynwood’s first official Mural Festival took place. From 8th to 10th December 2017, the festival saw the participation of artists from all over the world together with an intensive musical and artistic programme during the evening events. Among all the invited we

“The Wrong Love” by ZED1 in Dolo, Italy

Italian artist ZED1 just wrapped up a large new piece on the streets of Dolo, a town and comune in the province of Venice, Veneto, Italy. Entitled “The Wrong Love”, this piece tells the story of a woman in love with human cactus. She cherish him with a lot of water but she is unaware that the cactus

“The Fable of the Vulture Thief” by Zed1 in Italy

The “Draw The Line Street Art Festival” just welcomed Italian artist ZED1 which painted a large new piece on the streets of Campobasso in Italy. Entitled “The Fable of the Vulture Thief”, ZED1 brought to life a beautiful new piece featuring some of his signature oversized characters. In this artwork, the vulture acts as a bank which

“The Black Sheep”, a new mural by ZED1 in Genova, Italy

Our friend ZED1 just sent us some images from his latest street work which took place on the lovely streets of Genova in Italy.Entitled “The Black Sheep”, the Italian artist created this signature piece of work showing one of his signature characters on his horse being lifted by a series of sheep. In this work,

“Free Your Mind”, a new mural by ZED1 in Sibiu, Romania

After a piece Italy a few days ago, ZED1 is now in Eastern Europe where he spent a few days exploring Romania.Painting on the streets of Sibiu, the Italian muralist quickly created this signature piece showing one of his unique characters in action. Entitled “Free Your Mind”, the piece is an ode to literature and

“In The Light Of Artist”, a new mural by ZED1 in Campobasso, Italy

Our friend ZED1 just sent us a series of images from his latest piece which was just completed somewhere on the streets of Campobasso,  a city in central/southern Italy.Entitled “In The Light Of Artist”, the Italian artist created this signature mural showing one of his unique characters under the spotlights. Surrounded by predators, the artist

ZED1 paints a new mural in Poggibonsi, Italy

After a large wall in Tokyo, Japan, ZED1 is back in Italy where he was invited to paint for the Down On The Street Festival.Entitled “Integrate Yourself”, the Italian street artist brought to life a beautiful piece showing some of his unique deformed characters. Each one is holding a book which reads “Life in xx”,