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A1one New Mural In Dusseldorf, Germany (The Story Of A1one)

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Rom Levy Rom Levy
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March 10, 2013
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One year ago, in March of 2012, A1one was kidnapped on the streets of Tehran, Iran by the civilian police from the “Intelligent Service of Islamic republic”. For nearly two weeks, he was kept in a hidden prison, blindfolded and lonely.
Accusing him to receive money from Israel to promote graffiti and resistance against the Islamic Government of Ahmadinejad. They also accused him to have received training in a military camp in Jordan, aiming to go back to Iran and promote graffiti and hip hop through his Underground Art media Studio.

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“None of this is true, I have never been in Jordan and never received money from Israel. Graffiti Was just my lifestyle and communication as a young artist ” —A1one

Now, in March of 2013, the Iranian painter is free and painting in Germany. He is trying to forget this period of prison and mental torture which led him down yet another path of problems…
A1one is mostly known for his innovative way of Arabic – Persian Calligraphy which has been influenced by the western “Wild Style” graffiti and tagging style.

One year after this tragedy occurred, A1one just finishing painting this superb mural on a sunny Day in Dusseldorf Rath at Selbecker Str…

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