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Banksy “Better Out Than In – The Movie”

June 9, 2014
2 min read
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The Elusive British street artist Banksy just announced “Better Out Than In – The Movie” via a simple screenshot used in his most recent website update that was made live just a few minutes.
We can expect the almost 3 minutes long trailer to hit YouTube in the coming days as we will sure hear more from Banksy’s team and PR.
Also included in this update, Banksy revealed several unseen original pieces, some related to his “Better Out Than In” NYC residency. The traditional Q+A is also back which brings us an official confirmation on the recent piece in Cheltenham.

What’s the worst thing about Street Art? 

Having to make your mistakes in public. 

 What’s the best thing about Street Art? 

Having to make your mistakes in public. 

 What’s the deal with Sotheby’s? 

As a kid I always dreamed of growing up to be a character in Robin Hood.I never realised I’d end up playing one of the gold coins.  

Did you paint the spies in Cheltenham? 


Continue reading for more images and as usual check back with us soon for the most recent Banksy News.

Update: New video has been released via Banksy’s website. The video is almost similar to the version that was released for the Webby Awards a few days ago, however 6 extra seconds were added.
Will Banksy release a full-version movie celebrating his NYC residency in the coming weeks ? Check back with us soon to find out.

Banksy “Better Out Than In – The Movie”

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