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Coverage: Reka “Trip The Light” solo show @ London’s Stolenspace

September 11, 2014
1 min read
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In a few hours, REKA will be opening his new solo show entitled ‘Trip The Light’ in London at StolenSpace gallery and we had the pleasure to stop by prior to the opening to bring you this review.

Trip The Light is the latest solo exhibition by Melbourne-born, Berlin-based artist James Reka. Exploring the splendor of the female form in dance, his deft brushstrokes and fluid lines create a hypnotic dynamic movement that prances between his canvases. It is Reka’s London debut and his first solo show at Stolenspace Gallery.

The artist has produced 10 canvases using a multi-medium background that mimics the textured surfaces he paints on in the streets, His figures are enveloped within the movement of the painting, totally immersed in their own bliss while still projecting overt sensuality.

A series of rusted spray cans also accompany these 10 large canvases – Reka has become known for his series of repurposed readymades into new works of art.

The show runs until 4th October at StolenSpace. Continue reading for a selection of images we took and then check back with us shortly for more updates on REKA’s outdoor work around London.

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