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The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces Of August 2014

September 1, 2014
2 min read

1. Pejac – Vitry, France

With summer coming to an end, its time to unveil the 10 most popular pieces this August (based on unique pageviews) on StreetArtNews. August’s top ten features solely animals and human subjects but in a broad selection of artistic styles bound to impress and inspire.

Number 1 this month is guaranteed to make you smile, it’s a super clever piece from the Spanish artist Pejac which he painted at the end of August on the streets of Vitry Sur Seine, France.The piece features a pair of children who appear to be burning ants with a magnifying glass in a spot of sunlight, but once viewed close-up the tiny figures are revealed to be small people instead of insects.
The rest of this month’s ranking takes us around Africa, Europe and North Africa, offering a wide variety of style and imagery from ten talented artists that you definitely need to keep an eye out for.

Discover the rest of the ranking after the click and we’ll see you for a new edition of our monthly top 10 at the end of September!

2. Smates – Mechelen, Belgium
3. ROA – Djerba, Tunisia
4. Saner – Djerba, Tunisia
5. El Mac – Toronto, Canada
6. Bordalo II – Lisbon, Portugal
7. Faith47 – Portland, USA
8. Edoardo Tresoldi – Sapri, Italy
9. Ella & Pitr – Montreal, Canada
10. Os Gemeos – Vancouver, Canada
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