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New Mural by Dragon76 in New York, USA

June 13, 2023
1 min read
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Japanese artist Dragon76 is painting a mural at Vesey Street. With a style described as “Mad Max meets the future,” Dragon is the latest street artist to work on the World Trade Center campus. This is the second mural Dragon has done on the site, having painted another one in 2018 next to the St. Nicholas Shrine. His mural draws inspiration from the American west and features an indigenous woman.

Born in Shiga, Japan in 1976. Based on street art, Dragon76’s artwork is passionate and energetic. It ” touches our soul” and constantly evolving. The concept of his art style is “the coexistence” of two opposites such as past and future, stillness and motion, evil and justice.

Check out below for more photos of Dragon76’s latest work.

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