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eL Seed creates a new mural for DJART on the streets of Algiers in Algeria

December 10, 2014
1 min read
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eL Seed recently spent some time in North Africa where he was invited by the DJART project to paint a new piece on the streets of Algiers in Algeria.
The Tunisian calligraphy artist went big with this beautiful piece which is based on the song “Bilad Al Khayr” from Dahman El Harrachi. In case you read arabic, here are the lyrics:

كيفاش ننسى بلاد الخير
كيفاش يصبر قلبي تهنى
كيفاش صغري جايز فقير
ووطني غالي مايفنى

Continue reading for more images on this artwork and if you stop by Algiers, you’ll be able to find it on Boulevard Didouche Mourad.

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