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Icy & Sot

As promised, here is part two of my photos from The Bushwick Collective over the past year.
The second half of the year was just as action packed as the first half of the year. Its true, as the colder months hit, the action slows but prior to that, a great line up of international artists contributed to the project.  Jef Aerosol, Eelco ‘Virus’ van den Berg,  David ‘June’ Louf, Adnate, Spok Brillor, Caratoes, Icy & Sot, Ishmael, Solus…. the list goes on.
Take a look at the photos below and I encourage you all to come check out the neighborhood and all of the amazing work for yourselves.  This was in no way a complete gallery of everything.  I look forward to seeing who and what 2015 brings for the Bushwick Collective.

Jef Aerosol
Martha Cooper & Jef Aerosol…
Martha Cooper shooting Jef Aerosol at work.
Eelco ‘Virus’ van den Berg

David “June” Louf
Cost/Enx | Kaffeine

Col Wallnuts & JMR

Dasic Fernadez at work

Dasic Fernadez at work

Icy & Sot
Free Cost by Jerkface

ELLE putting finishing touches on her work
Dasic Fernandez & Spok Brillor
Ishmael at work

Veng RWK

Mr. OneTeas | Solus

Bishop2013 | Danielle Mastrion | Concrete Jungle

Dan Witz

James Bullough

Caratoes at work

Theivin’ Stephen


All text and photos by Stephen Kelley | SMKjr

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