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Finok paints a large mural in Lisbon for Under-Dogs Project

January 26, 2015
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Brazilian artist Finok, member of the worldwide famous VLOK crew, is currently in Lisbon, working on his upcoming solo show opening with Under-dogs on January 30th. Along with setting up the show, the artist painted this large colorful piece somewhere on the streets of Portuguese capital.
With his show being focused on human need to belong and express belief, Finok decided to paint a large figurative image showing goddess Iamanja. Since in his work he is often experimenting with connections of popular and traditional culture shared by Portugal and Brazil, painting the Brazilian ocean spirit in the Portuguese capital is definitely a mix of two similar cultures through their differences. Created in his recognizable naive style, using bright colors with dominant green and red, and his signature characters in earings of the goddess, this piece is a great example of Finok’s work and introduction for a long awaited solo show.

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