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Vhils in University Hospital Center of São João, Portugal

June 23, 2020
2 min read
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Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, just finished another masterpiece at University Hospital Centre of São João, in the city of Porto, Portugal. This mural was created to pay tribute to health professionals and to highlight Portugal’s National Health Service.⁠⠀

The mural features ten faces in representation of ten health workers at São João Hospital, from doctors to nurses, to administrators and assistants. This new and symbolic frontline will accompany everyone who enters or exits the São João University Hospital Centre, and will help viewers recognize the efforts of those who selflessly work for the well-being of the people, in supporting and serving the community.⁠⠀

It’s a heartfelt thank you and tribute to those in the frontline of the pandemic fight or health care at large, of how important they are in the lives of each one of us. This is about praising the courage and selflessness they show by putting their lives at risk to defend ours” Vhils mentioned.

Portuguese street artist Vhils is one of the most skilled and talented young artists on the urban art scene today. He is known for his fascinating chiseled facade portraits. He has been interacting visually with the urban environments since his days as a graffiti writer in the early 2000s.

Scroll down below to view more images of Vhils’ masterpiece.

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