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Mural by Thiago Mazza in Lisbon, Portugal

July 6, 2021
3 min read
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Urban artist Thiago Mazza was invited to paint at the MURO LX festival in Lisbon. The mural measuring 24 X 9 meters showcases a mix of foliage and flora with interesting shades and forms. The explosion of cores and shapes were enhanced by the beautiful yellow light of late afternoon in Portugal.

Of all the plants chosen, one is the main star, a wild thorny artichoke, also known as Cardo. The plant is represented at the beginning and end of the mural, in two stages of her life. This plant also makes a lot of sense with the history the artist have with Lisbon.

“Tradition has it that your flower is burned during the Midsummer Solstice, as once immersed in cold water it will bloom again. From ashes to ashes, the artichoke manifests in itself the eternal return, the denial of death, the resurrection.”

“There I got in touch with the nature of the region, climbed mountains and went down to the sea cataloging all the plants that I found interesting, that aroused my attention due to their color or shape. I soon realized the challenge that would lie ahead: instead of the predominant green with vivid colours interspersing present on the tropical flora, in Portugal I found something different, the colours were much more contrasting, the fields were filled with yellow, purple dots, reds … as I got closer, the amount of detail increased. I was used to painting dense foliage, rigid and large flowers, I was lost in the amount of petals, thorns and lights that formed in a single flower in the field.” said Thiago.

Thiago Mazza is known in the contemporary urban art scene for his mastery in the representation of fauna and flora. His current subject of studies are tropical plants, their exuberant structure and dense foliage. Thiago has participations in festivals all over the world such as Artscape (Sweden), Vukovart (Croatia), UpFest (UK), Stenograffia (Russia), IPAF (México) and CURA (Brazil). His work dialogues with classical painting, street art and contemporary art. Thiago Mazza brings nature within him, the ingenuity to transmute it and the art of taking us to it.

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