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Dran launches a new solo show ‘Public Execution’ in London

February 10, 2015
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Returning to London after five years, the French master draughtsman dran has just launched a new solo show entitled ‘Public Execution‘. Announced at the last minute on Pictures on Walls, the show ‘ promises to be a ‘live’ masterclass in ‘spontaneous creativity’ happening in ‘real time’. All of which actually means he hasn’t done much yet. Over the next three weeks dran will be creating an art show from scratch in full public view in an empty shop in Soho. Upon completion on 21 February it will close immediately. The public are invited to visit at any time, but may not always be welcome.’
Despite the last minute announcement, eager fans came in force to the opening, and were welcome with enormous cheese platters, wine and beers. Sitting behind a broken laptop and copy machine, a painted female assistant is greeting  visitors.  Next to her features a canvas of a little boy dressed up in shiny costume made of snack packaging. Guests are invited to put bids and comments to get it. And so far the walls are covered with painted blank frames. So we’ll see how the show will evolve  and what surprises lay in store.
Check out more pics by Butterfly from the opening after the jump and come back soon to check more news from dran.





dran – Public Execution
Until 21 Feb 2015
35 Brewer Street, Soho, London W1

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