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Pejac paints “New Order”, a new street piece in Santander, Spain

March 24, 2015
1 min read

Pejac recently spent some time in his hometown of Santander in Spain and used the opportunity to work on another signature piece at home. New Order is his newest piece showing a brick wall pattern mutating into branches with cherry blossom on them.
Once again Spanish artist uses his peculiar skills and imagination to create piece that is subtly blending with it’s surrounding. With minimal painting intervention, he creates an effective illusion of mortar joints rising above the concrete and turning into branches. Using his recurring imagery and simple, yet effective shading, the piece suddenly pops out of the surface and come to life with a bird sitting on it.
Check out more detail photos of this striking piece after the jump and come back soon for more news on Pejac’s unique work.

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