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Masai and Bailon collaborate on new street art piece in London,UK

May 8, 2015
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Most collaborations take a few days to plan out and then to materialise on a wall. All it takes is a rough sketch and for the artists to agree on a time they are both free to work together. This collaboration between London based artist Louis Masai and Sao Paolo based Mateus Bailon took two years until it happened. The two artist’s ever conflicting busy schedules and their different geographical locations was holding the project back until this week; they managed to work on a piece together painting a Spix’s macaw. The little blue bird is a native to Brazil where Mateus hails from and is critically endangered. This ties in perfectly with the artists’ individual styles. Masai is known for painting endangered species while Bailon’s work is often centred around animals; mostly birds.

Many thanks to Shapes Hackney for generously offering up their wallspace for the artists.

Article and pictures by monoprixx for Street Art News

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