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EYES OF GAZA is a Street Art project created by aptART (Awareness & Prevention Through Art) combined with an art therapy component run by Kaynouna Arab Art Therapy in collaboration with Mercy Corps and Ajyal Association for Creativity and Development.

They say that the eyes are the organs of asking. But after certain horrendous events, eyes tell stories that live in a place beyond words.” -Greg Beals

To tell the story of children and people living in Gaza Strip, one must go beyond the statistics to see the human cost of conflict and look at the hope and the strength that still exists in the eyes of Palestinians. With the help of Hamza Mansour and Anwar Yehya, youth and adults in Gaza painted walls with stories, ideas and questions. The walls speak of strength, courage, forgiveness, hope and the desire for freedom. 

Akut (Falk Lehmann) of Herakut then painted eyes of children who participated in the project across the walls. Their eyes ask for acknowledgement as they tell the story of Gaza, a story that can only exist if you look for it. The people of Gaza see you. Can you see them?

EYES OF GAZA is a Street Art project created by aptART (Awareness & Prevention Through Art)
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