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Ronzo “Ants in the Ends”

Roly Roly
Roly Roly
Roland Henry is an international writer, curator and contemporary urban art specialist. Previously the Managing Editor of the independent arts magazine, Very Nearly Almost (VNA), he has developed close, personal relationships with artists, gallerists, and creatives worldwide and currently provides content for The Guardian US as well as numerous other publications.Roland is now based in Melbourne, Australia, where he heads up art agency, Studio Supply, in partnership with the former creative director of VNA, Greg Beer. The agency supplies curatorial and PR consultation services to a worldwide network of brands, artists, and creative professionals.
June 30, 2018
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Ronzo‘s latest street sculpture project: ‘Ants in the Ends’  releases at: ‘Stories for Ways and Means’ Exhibit, Corey Helford Gallery, 571 South Anderson St #1, Los Angeles, CA 90033, USA
The show is curated by Waxplotation’s Jeff Antebi and features handpicked collaborations between great musicians and visual artists like Anthony Lister, Herakut, Swoon, Will Barras and many more. The proceeds will get donated to charity War Child UK.
Edition details: SFWAM edition of ten. Colour: Black Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm 360mm + 200cm antennas.

‘Stories for Ways and Means’ Opens Sat June 23rd 7-11pm, show runs June 23rd – Just 21st.

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