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Phlegm’s “The Forest” Project in Epping Forest, UK

August 7, 2015
2 min read

From 1st of August through 31st of August, Phlegm will be doing a specific solo project titled “The Forest” around Epping Forest, UK. During this period the artist will produce one single piece each day and leave it in the woodlands for by passers to discover it, or nature to take care of it. The idea is to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors, escape the modern life and hopefully inspire others to do the same.Sheffield-born artist announced he will be uploading the photos of the finished works at the end of each day on his Instagram, and the pieces shared the past 6 days are promising an interesting rest of the month. Here is what Phlegm has to say about this unique concept:

During August i’ll be doing a project in Epping forest. A twelve mile stretch of ancient english woods stretching from Wanstead flats up to Epping. Every day i’ll be doing a small installation or artwork within the boundaries of the forest. Its a project where i can immerse myself, be playful and site specific, where i can escape emails and modern life for a while and just work in the woods. Some work is premade but most of it will be done during the project, using the forest as my studio. All artwork will be in view so please no digging and foraging. To lower my impact on the woods each day i will refill my empty bag with litter found on my way. Each day of my artist residency in the forest i’ll upload a new artwork on my instagram. Once a week i’ll update this blog with a more detailed roundup. The project will end with a short video documenting the whole month of artwork.

Stay tuned for more info and footage from this project and make sure you take your chances to track down some of the pieces if you’re in the area.

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